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Coolblue  -  гр. Плевен
 ...quality of the iOS code, ensuring a maintainable architecture You actively coach team members and continuously provide them with constructive feedback   Team You'll become part of the mobile app team: an agile, multidisciplinary team, currently consisting of six... 
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Showpad  -  гр. Плевен
 ...you will coach but also learn good practices in iOS development. Key responsibilities Work together with our design team on constructing new iOS features and improving UX Coach and learn good iOS coding practices Refine our build and deploy processes Improve... 
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Coolblue  -  гр. Плевен
 ...colleagues. You coach your team members and provide them with honest feedback You have your own opinion and you’re able to voice it in a constructive discussion   Team You will be part of the Cloud Deployment Team: a team consisting of smart, experienced and highly... 
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WeTransfer  -  гр. Плевен
 ...About our workflow We believe that software is gardening. We trust each other to make good decisions, to provide and accept constructive feedback. Collaboration is the key to making a great product. We want to build solutions are long-lasting. This means writing code... 
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