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Relay42  -  гр. Плевен
 ...ground up to give you the freedom, flexibility and agility to build sustainable customer relationships. Position Your role as a Model Architect / Machine Learning Engineer will be to create new models for client use cases. At Relay42 we work with many clients …. So... 
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Coolblue  -  гр. Плевен
 ...understand the past and predict the future." What you really do You perform variable, complex, and in-depth analyses by using statistical models and methods You help create end-to-end Data Science solutions, starting with data gathering, feature engineering, and modeling... 
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xbird  -  гр. Плевен
 ...navigate yourself quickly through the sea of machine learning literature, keeping our concrete goals as a compass. You will decide the best model for every problem, and will be keen to implement that in practice (Python). You are able to explain your choices at any level of... 
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tado°  -  гр. Плевен
 ...Windows developers as part of the Mobile Team but you will also closely work with our server developers - negotiating the next API or data model. You will be involved in UI development with our outstanding designers and UX experts and be their contact for all matters related to... 
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Bloomon  -  гр. Плевен
 ...Position How do we work? Our working methodology is as disruptive as our stack and infrastructure. We are working towards a Squad model founded by Spotify, where you work in a small multi-disciplinary team. In addition, we use tools such as Slack, Jira, Github, and... 
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Fashion Cloud  -  гр. Плевен
 ...direct integration into their current systems. Position You will take responsibility of the code, the architecture, the data model, tests, tools and methods You will become an active, leading member of our SCRUM team You will occasionally create clear and concise... 
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