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Piktochart  -  гр. Плевен

About Piktochart Our mission is to provide a design tool that’s both intuitive and indispensable. Whether you’re a marketer, teacher, or part of an internal communications team, we’re directing Piktochart to be laser-focused on what’s best for you and your goals. No...
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Oradian  -  гр. Плевен

About Oradian Oradian is the global team of microfinance and technology experts behind Instafin, the world’s first core banking system designed especially for the microfinance industry. We are bringing global best practice to the industry using a simple subscription model...
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Strategic Staffing Solutions International  -  гр. Плевен

 ...programming trends such as functional and reactive programming Wish to constantly grow and improve yourself as a wide spectrum technical specialist  Have Interest in working for a large enterprise as well as someone with a more entrepreneurial mindset – a person with a passion... 
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Albelli  -  гр. Плевен

 ...driven by quality, creativity, innovation, development and providing the best customer experience anytime, anywhere. We are Albelli, specialists in photo products and experts in building intuitive software to create them. Albelli is the consumer brand of Albumprinter, which... 
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Strategic Staffing Solutions International  -  гр. Плевен

 ...Responsibilities: Participate in design decisions Develop necessary functionality Automated Testing (besides other senior QA specialists on site) Perform troubleshooting and support production Your qualification Java Spring Spring Integration and... 
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NGTI  -  гр. Плевен

 ...About NGTI We design and develop mobile apps, websites and scalable backend services. As interdisciplinary specialists, we have years of experience in multiple technologies and delivering high-end tailored solutions. We always focus on both the needs of our the partners... 
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